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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Last August we made a trip to California to attend Leif and Jennifer's wedding, and of course to visit family. We decided also to make it our family vacation. So we ventured to Disneyland with the boys (Meggan insisted on taking MarleeRae , 15 mo. @ the time, which we were exstactic about, and grateful!). Julie came with us. She was so fun to have around and a huge help. The next day we met up with Aaron and Kasey and their kids at Huntington Beach. Let me tell you, after a whole day of Disneyland with a 3 and 4 year old, this was the perfect way to relax. Jamuson and Joses dug in the sand, made sand castles, hunted for sand crabs, chased the waves, got stung by jellyfish:(, and had a blast with their cousins and aunt. And I did what I absolutely love: taking pictures of the kids.....and relaxed a little here and there too.Every time I look at this picture it brings me so much happiness and good memories. The boys loved the beach and ask "can we go to the beach tomorrow?"


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